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Chapter 2

He landed hard, on flat stone. The impact jarred his hand, and the stone bounced out, leaving his fingers tingling, but otherwise normal. At the same moment he was enveloped in a sudden whirlwind of sound and rushing air, as though he had suddenly opened a window in a speeding train. The impact of the sound was like a physical blow, almost as strong as the force of his fall.

Kyle had involuntarily closed his eyes in anticipation of landing in the water, but he opened them now, squinting against the rushing wind. A lance of shock and fear shot through him. He rose carefully to his knees, and looked around. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chapter 1

A gust of wind whistled through the mountains, bringing with it the first real cold of winter. The trees had already anticipated the change, and had changed themselves accordingly, their leaves turning to brilliant colors, reds and oranges and purples. It was as though the trees felt the oncoming of winter and were becoming a brilliant conflagration of color, a fire to stave off the winter’s chill for a bit longer. Slowly, slowly the winter would win, dousing the fire and turning the leaves a dry brown, the forest surrendering to the cold once again, as it had every year, but for now the forest gloried in its flaming beauty. Read the rest of this entry »

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Prolog Part 2

Gorion ka’Vardin ran. He darted through the ancient forest, faster than any normal man, fueled and sped on his way by the spells he had cast. He made no more noise than a night-hunting owl, and looked like nothing more than a shadow flitting through the deeper shadows of the night. Hidden by magic, he did not think he would be caught, but he was not safe yet, and he was still less than a mile and under a minute away from Til Tavathem.

Suddenly there was a terrible roar, and the night was lit up by a huge pillar of blue fire that shot out of the ruins of Til Tavathem like a volcano. Gorion looked back, but did not stop running. Then, as suddenly as it had appeared, the flame was gone, leaving its image burned in Gorion’s sight, and he knew that Lord Kilitherananonillifaratha and Lady Llanathalaranalethynim were dead, as were their attackers. Read the rest of this entry »

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Prolog Part 1

“Master,” came the soft voice. “Master, they come.”

Lord Kilitherananonillifaratha blinked, his awareness returning completely from Har Lithim, the Waking Dream, and he looked at his servant. The human was kneeling before him, as was right and proper, and looking up at him. The human’s face was filled with worry and concern for his Master, and for his Master’s family. This also was as it should be, for they were in terrible danger. Read the rest of this entry »

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